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Updated June 26, 2012 CER
No more remembering which email address to use, if you want to share information with the ETP member EXCHANGE or you need technical support from Member Services.

The HELP menu option at www.ETPnetwork.org makes member interaction and communication easier (see menu diagram above).

How to Communicate with ALL Members

If you wish to share information or share job openings with members, just go to www.ETPnetwork.org > HELP menu option > Send Email TO: > ALL ETP Members.  Selecting these menu options will automatically open your email system, create a new email and add the Member EXCHANGE email address within the TO: field.  Type your information into the body and send your email.
How to Contact Member Services
If you have member benefit questions or need tool support, contact Member Services by going
to www.ETPnetwork.orgHELP menu option > Send Email TO: > Member Services. This option provides a contact form with several quick pick “Subject” items to solicit assistance from ETP Member Services. 

How to Connect With an Individual Member (when you do not have an email address)
If you want to quickly contact a specific ETP member, go
to www.ETPnetwork.orgHELP menu option > Send Email TO: > SPECIFIC ETP Member. This option takes you to the member directory.  Once you login to member lodge, you can search the member directory by name. Then send that person a message from their profile.

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