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Choose . . . CEO of ME, Inc.!

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by Ruth Harenchar
ETP Professional Member since 2005, ETP Chief Networking Officer, ETP Executive Committee Member 

As I sat to write this article for the Lamplighter, I was struggling with a sore throat/runny nose/clogged ears that was typical of a Fall cold for me. I started drafting out what I might say in my head, I wondered how I could write something powerful and upbeat and useful when I felt weak and lousy. Then Viktor Frankl’s core philosophy popped into my head, and I knew what to say in this short essay.

Most people find out about ETP because they are in-voluntarily out of work. For virtually all of us the most difficult challenges life will throw at us are the loss of loved ones and involuntary loss o f work. It’s not likely to get any tougher than that for those of us in middle class America in the 21st century. Viktor wrote his book when he was released from a concentration camp at the end of WWII – it doesn’t get any tougher in life than that. He didn’t choose to be thrown into a concentration camp. He didn’t choose to be starving and sick for years.

  • We didn’t choose to be thrown out of work.

  • What Viktor said is at all times we always choose how we react to life’s circumstances.

So how have you been reacting to being out of work? What reaction will you choose today? What reaction will you choose tomorrow? ETP knows you will be much more satisfied if you choose to think and act like the CEO of ME, Inc. ETP gives you tools and support mechanisms to learn to think and act that way. ETP provides you with the colleagues to reinforce thinking and acting that way. The most powerful reaction to involuntary unemployment is to be the CEO of ME, Inc. It is the only reaction that generates your internal power. Do you choose empowerment today?

I really hope you do!

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