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By Carl E. Reid, CSI
ETP Professional Member since 2004, ETP Chief Operations Officer

Former New York City Mayor Koch endeared himself to people with his famous line “How am I doing?”. That’s a question you can and should answer about yourself, using Google Alerts. What will hiring managers, human resource professionals, recruiters, business associates or potential clients see when they type your name into Google?  To get the answer right now type your name into,, or any other search engine.

Many people use
Google Alerts as a automated tool for acquiring news stories and doing research on various topics. You can even use Google Alerts to search for job or business opportunities. Place 2 to 3 words within “quotes” for each alert. Then you automatically receive an email with results found anywhere on the Internet. You can use Google Alerts to track how your company fares in the public eye or keep up with friends, family and associates. Just create an alert with their name in quotes.

By creating different Google Alerts with different variations of your name spelling, you receive feedback on what type of information people are viewing about you. This also provides intelligence on whether you should make adjustments to profiles you may have on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or articles mentioning you or your company name etc.. Oh, did you think that information about you was private because you have to login? Think again.

Your web presence should reflect the name you use on your resume, bio or LinkedIn profile. Google Alerts intelligence is also valuable, if you have a similar name to someone else. Talk about a case of mistaken identity, if that person has a less than acceptable Internet web presence. Consider making your name more unique by adding a middle initial, generation qualifier or certification distinction (i.e. Al Q. Brown, Jim Smith, III – Joe Smith, PMP etc..).

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