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10 Ideas from the Desk of a Hiring Manager

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TO: Job Seekers
FROM: Tony Cretella, Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Custom Sign Source

ETP Professional Member since 2008

If only you would follow Rod Colon’s simple advice of targeting companies where you meet AT LEAST 70% of the requirements. Why? Sending resumes into the black hole and hoping for a chance at an interview can be time consuming, not very fruitful and less than motivating. As Vince Lombardi said, “Hope is not a strategy.”

Some of the top things to improve your job search include:
1) Only apply for jobs you are qualified for. I stopped counting the number of cover letters I have read that start “I know I don’t have the skills/qualifications you are looking for but …”

2) State right up front what you can do for my company, not what I can do for you.

3) Tailor your resume to help me find the relevant skills and abilities that will make you successful in the position, don’t make me hunt for them.

4) Follow the directions for the job posting. When it says attach your resume in one of these file formats don’t send a link to your on-line generic resume. Not following simple application directions makes me wonder, “How will they handle the various processes within my business structure?”

5) Provide samples of your work as requested to help me see what you can offer that others cannot.

6) Put a phone number on your resume that you will actually answer and then . . . ANSWER! I called a person several times to set up a phone interview. Eventually I sent an e-mail and received the following reply, “Sorry, I did not recognize the number coming in on my phone so I did not answer it.”

7) Differentiate yourself in some way. What makes you different from the many other qualified applicants? Did you do some research maybe, “I see that in your industry the main challenges are … and here is how I can help you with those…”

8) Say thank you and follow-up. Did you send a simple thank you after the phone interview and send the follow-up items requested?

9) Show interest and be prepared. At the end of the phone interview I ask “What questions do you have for me?” Too many times I get “Gee, I don’t really have anything, you covered it all.” I am just not that good an interviewer. What I hear from that response is, “No, not really that interested to bother having anything prepared to interview you as my future employer.”

10) Follow the ETP 7 Step Job Search Methodology and you will find your next great opportunity with less effort on both your part and that of the hiring manager.

About the Author
As a successful entrepreneur of a growing business, Custom Sign Source, Tony Cretella wears many hats, from Sales and Marketing to Operations, from Finance to Human Resources. Tony’s focuses on keeping his employees busy, productive, motivated and enthusiastic, while keeping our customers 100% satisfied.Tony constantly does quality assurance by asking customers to tell him if they are unhappy and to tell everyone if they are happy. So far, Tony and his staff have not heard anything and everyone else is talking about Custom Sign Source.Tony plans on growing  business slowly and steadily through innovation by providing high quality and high value products and services, be easy to deal with and strive to exceed expectations. 
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