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Pray for the Unemployed and Under Employed

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A huge supporter of Empowering Today’s Professionals, Ernie Russom provided the following awareness and request.
There is an organized effort in asking for prayers for the unemployed and underemployed this Sunday. (suggested prayer below)

Joseph’s People, the regional job search group that began nearly 20 years ago at St. Joseph’s Parish in Downingtown, PA, is championing that this Sunday, churches from throughout the region offer a prayer for the unemployed and underemployed. I am on the Delaware County Executive Board for Joseph’s People.

Below is an article by a writer from the Philadelphia Inquirer that appeared on, the news company’s electronic publication.  The prayer is within the article.

If you have not done so already, would you be willing to share this event with members of your groups?

Ernie Russom

Jane Von Bergen, a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, has been a friend to Joseph’s People for more than 10 years.  She published the following on her blog.
Next Sunday, 14 suburban churches will hold a day of prayer for the unemployed and underemployed. The timing couldn’t be better. Congress is still trying to figure out how or whether to fund continued unemployment benefits even as Pennsylvania is imposing new rules that will limit eligibility for benefits. I’m going to publish the prayer here with the urge that all places of worship consider incorporating it into their services.

Spearheading the effort is Cheryl Spaulding, who heads Joseph’s People, a network of support groups for the unemployed that she and a fellow member of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Downingtown started nearly two decades ago in the throes of an earlier recession. Spaulding said she hopes the prayer service will help people remember the unemployed and as well as those who have taken jobs well below their skills and experience just to make ends meet.

The prayer, and the introduction to it,
are below:

The most harmful and hurtful aspect of losing your job is the feeling of being lost, alone and forgotten. 

During this Day of Prayer, we hope that we can share the painful burden carried by these people and let them know that they are not alone and that we are praying for them and for their families.

Here is a Prayer for Employment.  Please pray for these people today and throughout the coming weeks of Easter.

Lord, there are many people in our nation who are in need of a steady job with sufficient wages to care for themselves and their families.

Help these people remain diligent in their job search. Give them the confidence they need to succeed and the perseverance to continue on when they become discouraged.

Teach me to encourage those seeking employment and to offer them whatever assistance I can give.

Open the hearts of those responsible for hiring and for the care of unemployed people in industry and in government that they may carry out their work with compassion.  

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