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Goal #4: income diversity

SBA Resources for Entrepreneurs

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 Aligned with ETP member goal #4 develop multiple sources of income (review 5 goals), below are entrepreneur resources provided by the United States (U.S.) Small Business Administration.

Several free online courses are offered by the SBA to help prospective and existing entrepreneurs understand the basics about managing a business. These self-paced courses are easy to use and understand. They will take about 30 minutes to complete. You can, however, exit a course at any time. Because most of the courses offer audio explanations, it is recommended that your computer speakers be turned on.

Before entering a course, you will be prompted to complete an online registration form. The registration process is simple, asks only a couple of questions, and will take less than a minute to complete.

Available Free Courses

  1. Green Business Opportunities: A Small Business Guide
  2. Business Technology Simplified – Module 1 (SBA in partnership with Microsoft) [Text File]
  3. How to Prepare a Business Plan
  4. Franchising Basics
  5. My Own Business
  6. Take Your Business Global
  7. Disaster Recovery: Guide to SBA’s Disaster Assistance Programs
  8. Crime Prevention: A Guide for Small Business

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