10 Ideas from the Desk of a Hiring Manager
Pray for the Unemployed and Under Employed
Goal #2: Network 200+

Secret Key to Success . . .

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There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure. ~Colin Powell

Want to quickly connect and communicate with other ETP members quickly?  Would you like to know which ETP members work inside a company(s) you are targeting? You could use LinkedIn to find members, but that is a slow process that could take a awhile.  

Knowing which members to connect with on LinkedIn, is EASY with the ETP Member Directory.  It provides the expeditious influence of personal company insider introductionsEmpowering Today’s Professionals is a trusted network of smart career professionals, willing to help you succeed.  The Member Directory is an excellent tool for connecting with other members.   
The ETP member directory is an exclusive benefit for Professional and Student members. 

For a limited time you can submit a complimentary (free) application for Basic Membership with Empowering Today’s Professionals. If time is critical, save time with Professional Membership as the recommended level PROVEN to get INTERVIEWS quicker.

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