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FAQ #124: How Does the ETP Angel Program Work

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Empowering Today’s Professionals Angel Program

Click here to Request a Personal Introduction to insider(s) at a targeted company. Below are the 5 most frequently asked questions about the ETP Angel Program.

1. How does the ETP Angel Program work?
    It’s 4 easy steps. 


Identify an opportunity in a target company
    3) Develop a targeted value proposition
Click here to Request a Personal Introduction

2. Is there a directory of ETP Angel companies I can view? 
Click here to review a sample list of a few Empowering Today’s
    Professionals Angel companies.

3. What is a value proposition?
    A value proposition consists of 3 components:
A targeted resume
    2) A cover T-Letter and
    3) The actual job description qualifications or requirements.

4. Can I just be connected to ETP Angels to see what jobs they have open?
    No.  That is called a “fishing trip“.  This wastes ETP Angel time.
The connection and time value of an ETP Angel is a powerful
    commodity.  It should only be used when an ETP member
    has identified open opportunities within the target ETP Angel company.
    This allows all ETP Members to leverage ETP Angels
    continuously, while keeping reciprocal relationships in tact.

 5. How Can I Volunteer as an ETP Angel?
      Anyone can become an ETP Angel, which comes with its own benefit package perks.
      1. You must be currently employed at a company.
     2. Click here to Submit an FREE Basic Member application.
     3. In your application select the pull down volunteer option:
         “I want to be an ETP Angel

For a limited time you can submit a complimentary (free) application for Basic Membership with Empowering Today’s Professionals. If time is critical, save time with Professional Membership as the recommended level PROVEN to get INTERVIEWS quicker.

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