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Networking for Administrative Assistants

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By James Yoakum

ETP Community Member

Networking equals the people you meet and what you create together. Together everyone achieves more. There are no limits to what we can accomplish together. I am more than I am but less than we are.

Without question, networking is a valuable tool for starting, maintaining, enhancing, and advancing one‘s career. It can help anyone at any level. Networking is a tool for any and all to partake of.  So…

Partake! Don‘t hold back!

But it does take some planning and effort for the results to be realized. Here are some basic, practical avenues and advice for administrative assistants to successfully engage in networking that will provide aid to the development of their life and career.

(1) Virtual or on-line Networking. Linked In as the premiere business social network site has over 10,000 members who identify themselves as “Administrative Assistant”. Find fellow administrative assistants by typing ―administrative assistant‖ in the Find People search box. Start connecting and networking with fellow Linked In members.

Further, actively participate in Linked In groups. To find groups, type ―Administrative Assistant‖ in the Find Groups search box. You will find numerous groups to join. For example, one group — Administrative Assistant — has over 600 members. Join and become an active group member – connect, post on discussion boards, post articles and search job boards. If you cannot find the right group for you, then start a new group. It‘s easy and will be fun and rewarding.

(2) Organizational Networking. Attend professional networking events; join national administrative assistant organizations. Search on-line for these groups. Attend local chapter meetings. Join and become involved.

ETP is a good organization to get started with. Another and perhaps one of the most prominent organizations for administrative assistants is the International Association of Administrative Assistants (IAAP). Check out IAAP at www.iaap-hq.org

(3) Network at the Office. Having an internal network on the job is one of the best ways to stay on top of and in touch with what‘s happening in your company. Make the most out of the people you deal with. Network and find ways to grow. Seek new and different opportunities by networking. Volunteer for projects and committees at work to broaden your prospective and establish contacts outside your department or inner circle.

(4) Network Outside the Office. Speaking of volunteering, it can be a great avenue to network outside the office. Join local groups, volunteer for local charities. The opportunity to meet people and network are endless.

Networking can enhance an administrative assistant‘s career and life. Stay motivated, have the right attitude. Lou Holtz, a legendary college football coach summed it up well.  Ability is what you‘re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

Network, network, network. Always be on the lookout for new networking opportunities.

Follow the above avenues. Ascribe to Lou Holtz‘s words. Stay motivated. Keep the right attitude. Secure the abilities. Together success can be had. Make networking your way of life.

Keep Networking Alive!

About the Author

James Yoakum (Jim) is an accomplished executive leader with over 25 years of diversified experience. He recently found his passion — helping others – and turned it into his obsession. As an accomplished author, poet and mentor, he continues to develop his obsession by sharing his business and life experiences through
writing, mentoring, speaking, networking, and volunteering.

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