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The Mathematics of Personal Branding

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By Chip Hartman
ETP Professional Member since 2008 and Co-Author of fast selling book Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs and CEO of ETP sponsor partner,

In the world of personal branding, nothing is more important than building positive perceptions in the minds of others about who you are, what you do, the value you provide, and what makes you different from the next guy doing approximately the same thing.

Getting personal branding right is no easy task. So to consider personal branding as something that can be quantified as a mathematical equation seems preposterous. And yet Mr. David Zinger, from Ontario, Canada, has developed a formula that comes tantalizingly close to an actual mathematical model of branding.

Here’s his statement:

Personal Brand = ( Strengths + Value + Visibility ) X 

According to Zinger, a person’s brand is a combination of his strengths, the value he provides, and the level of exposure he has within his network. 

The sum of those factors, when factored by the degree to which each is carried out — consistently — is a reliable indicator of the strength of an individual’s personal brand.


You cannot hope to develop a personal brand without an intimate knowledge of all the things you do best. From web design to pharmaceutical sales to video production – just be sure you know all of your primary strengths along with any associated sub-skills.


It’s great to have a wide variety of strengths, but they won’t have much meaning unless you can match them up with a target market that values them. You’ll need to do some research and leverage the power of social media to reach that market and to consider how your strengths add or create value for others.


You may be a great networker, but if your name doesn’t generate at least some level of recall among members of your network, your visibility within the network is poor. When people Google you, what comes up? Can people contact you easily? The more you can engage social media to get your name and talent disseminated out into the network, the greater your visibility.


Each of the components described above is a critical element for a successful personal brand. Subtract any one of them from the equation and the whole model collapses. But most importantly, each one is actionable … and it’s the degree to which you actively engage each one that ultimately determines the strength and vibrancy of your personal brand. It’s all based on effort, will, and the determination to succeed.

Personal branding represented as a mathematical formula? It may seem like nonsense … but to me, it all adds up.

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