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Member Spotlight: Ruth Harenchar

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It is with great pleasure that we spotlight Ruth Harenchar, the high-powered Chief Networking Officer of Empowering Today’s Professional (ETP), CIO at American Jewish Committee and author of previously published  Choose . . . CEO of ME, Inc..

In the past, Ruth was Managing Partner at NBT Associates, CEO/Owner at Spire Solutions Group, LLC, and CIO at Hobart West Group.
Ruth is a Senior/ C-level IT executive with expertise in all areas of IT in industries such as printing, professional services, and IT services, Ruth has a passion for excellence, integrity, and building a better world through Business. In the words of a partner, “Ruth transforms something strong into something superb. She does this while nurturing the human spirit of everyone involved.”
Quoted in InformationWeek, Optimize, CIO Decisions and elsewhere on both technology and leadership issues, Ruth’s expertise in Green Technology and humanitarian passion was acknowledged when she presented at the UN co-sponsored conference in 2008 on sustainability.

Having received formal and on-the-job training from diverse success icons such as billionaire Ross Perot, quality guru Edward Deming, and leadership expert Peter SengeRuth provides transformative insights, inspires confidence, and gets the right job done right.Ruth’s specialty is strategic thinking. As described by a client, “Ruth’s strategic acumen is not a skill that can be taught. It is a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large. This per-spective allows Ruth to see patterns where others simply see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, Ruth plays out alternative scenarios and is able to see around the next corner.”

Ruth in her light-hearted way has this to say about her career and family:  “This CEO made the decision about 15 months ago to cross over from the corporate world to the non-profit world. I’m now the Chief Infor-mation Officer (CIO) at the American Jewish Committee (AJC) a global Jewish advocacy NGO (Non-government Organization). They needed a change agent like me with decades of useful experience, and I needed to feel like I was doing something worthwhile for the world while not sacrificing too many of my creature comforts. It’s been an exquisitely perfect deci-sion for me.”

With my daughter doing a better job than I am of having multiple lines of income not in con-flict with each other – a major ETP teaching. My son has been using the ETP methodology to be the only member of his undergraduate architecture class to actually get a job at an architectural firm. We are all CEOs within the Harenchar Family Enterprises holding com-pany! We hold and hug each other every chance we get!”

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