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Networking Rocks! One Member’s Perspective

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By Wendy Woolfork, Empowering Today’s Professionals member since 2008

There is no question that LinkedIn and Facebook have revolutionized networking. As a result of these media we all have easier access to professionals in our fields and to a variety of subject matter experts. And it is vitally important that we manage the wealth of potential relationships available to us through networking, while recognizing that being of service to others is an intrinsic component.

If we think of networks from an IT standpoint the idea of mutuality is immediately apparent. Computers are networked for quick and easy sharing of resources and information – and distinct protocols set the tone for successful communication, allowing machines to interface. The ones that are not networked are referred to as standalone computers. From a human relations perspective this seems a rather solitary designation.

As we build and navigate Trusted Networks it is similarly worthwhile to be clear about some indispensable protocols by which to operate. Helpfulness, sincerity and reciprocity appear to jostle each other for supremacy. I joined ETP as a member when I realized that the organization prides itself on providing value. At the core of its mission is an awareness of our interconnectedness.

Successful networking requires an attitude of giving advice and help while connecting with someone whose need we can identify with.  As networkers we must come armed with enthusiasm. We just might reap rewards as contacts sell us to those who matter when we need it, down the road. Giving begets giving as the universe keeps score.

Networking the ETP way means we are interchangeably client and server. And like the client – server interaction in network computing, human networkers fulfill requests with the same zeal with which we advance them.

About the Author
Wendy Woolfork, PHR, is a Human Resources impact player, with proven ability to affect business results. Creative problem-solver and strategic business partner, focused on HR solutions that strengthen operations. Able to respond nimbly to changing market and organizational demands. Ms. Woolfork’s keen cultural sensitivity makes her uniquely prepared to coach senior executives and collaborate to mitigate potential risk in employee relations concerns. In addition, she possesses a meticulous understanding of regulatory constraints and negotiation procedures. She capably applies her expertise to build consensus and create productive work environments.

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