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The Dark Side of Social Networking

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by Rod Colon, ETP Founder, Speaker and Author of Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs. Benefits of social media for job search, career management or business development for the CEO of ME, Inc. are covered in Chapter 10.


I’m sure there’s an entire laundry list of the pitfalls for social networking sites. I don’t want to consume too much space with this, so I’ll offer just a few. You can easily find more online.
The Personal Accountability Issue
Be careful of what you post online: The Internet saves all its input and there’s no telling where something could resurface at a most inopportune time. If that occurs while you’re in job search mode, the results could be disastrous.  Think twice before posting.

The Lack of Total Control Issue
Let’s say you posed in a bikini last summer and the photograph, while flattering, was just a little bit provocative.  Now let’s say a friend posts that photo on Facebook. And now let’s suppose that the individual you hope to have an interview with spots the same picture. It was nothing you did; but you cannot control what others do and some of their actions can unintentionally hurt you.

The Time Issue
You have to watch how you spend your time; online networking can become a major time sink, so it’s up to you to manage that time.  Set limits!

The Addiction Issue
At all costs, avoid the temptation to use social networking as your only networking venue; for the sake of your sanity and your job search, you still need a lot of “face time” with living, breathing human beings.

Best wishes and keep networking alive,
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