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(Video) Is Your CEO of ME, Inc Business Positioned for Google Knowledge Search

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Do you know what PC Magazine, ZDNet, Mashable, You Tube, 24/7 Wall Street, Tech Crunch, Engadget, Info World and ABC News are all chirping about?  More importantly, are you, your business and your brand positioned for what all the buzz is about?  This video provides an interesting glimpse into the future of a different way people will do research on other people.

Slowly being rolled out, Google Knowledge Graph will revolutionize the way people search for information. This includes getting more complete 411 on people. Having an Internet “business like” CEO of Me, Inc. posture will now be more crucial.  To be attractive when potential clients or customers search for your skills, services or your name, start with a clean profile on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  

If you act invisible, you will be invisible.

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