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Alliance Series: The Westview Associates

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This series is dedicated to community organizations and companies aligned with Empowering Today’s Professionals.  We interview outstanding leaders to recognize and applaud their efforts with helping people in need or providing value added community benefit services.

This week The Westview Associates‘ Executive Director, Ernie Russom is interviewed by Empowering Today’s Professionals Chief Operations Officer, Carl E. Reid
Carl: What year was The Westview Associates established and what is your role?
Ernie: The Westview Associates was founded in 2012. I am the Executive Director and founder of this staffing firm.

Carl: What was your motivation for starting Westview Associates?
Ernie: I have been the provider or recipient of Third Party Business to Business Services that included Financial, Audit and Staffing Services, since 1995. I have found that the most successful way to provide Third Party B to B services, such as Staffing Services, is to become my client’s “Trusted Advisor”. Becoming a Trusted Advisor allows The Westview Associates to be the client’s staffing resource; the source that my clients call first, when they must fulfill a staffing need.

It takes time to establish this trusted relationship. When I was working for others, my employers were more concerned about the VOLUME of resumes that were being sent to a client. I wanted to be more concerned about only presenting candidates who matched my clients’ specific staffing needs.

My basic motivation for starting The Westview Associates is that I want to deliver Staffing Solutions that my clients’ need, not volumes of resumes that fulfill my employer’s daily productivity requirements.

My desire to become a Trusted Staffing Advisor includes providing assistance to people who are currently in a job transition. As the result of spending even a few minutes providing direction to enhance their resume or offer structure to their job search, I position myself as an expert within the Staffing Arena and the person who took the time to help them, when they were in need. As a wise person once said, ‘You can ask, until you first give’. The unemployed person who I help today, often becomes the future client or candidate who I place into their next job, in the future.

Carl: What is the mission of Westview Associates?
Ernie: The mission of the Westview Associates is to become our clients’ Trusted Advisor by fulfilling their staffing needs in the most effective, efficient and quiet manner. The relationship between The Westview Associates and the firm’s clients will be so strong that the client will never think of fulfilling a staffing need without considering The Westview Associates as the only resource to fulfill that need.

The establishment of becoming the client’s Trusted Advisor will occur through the implementation of The Westview Advantage. The Westview Advantage is implementation of a face-to-face Consultative Relationship with the client, that moves beyond understanding the job description and what the client “Wants” in their next employee. The Westview Advantage takes the time to understand the client’s business culture and the attributes that the client MUST have in their next employee. The practice of consistently delivering upon each client’s unique needs is The Westview Advantage.

Carl: Who is the target audience for Westview Associates?
Ernie: Organizations within the Eastern Pennsylvania, Central and Southern New Jersey, as well as Northern Delaware, who want to add staff through the implementation of The Westview Advantage. The predominant staffing solutions that The Westview Associates fulfills are within the Finance, Accounting and Human Resource fields. At client requests, the scope of our product offerings include Information Technology and Sales staffing solutions.

Carl: How can a person become a client of Westview Associates and what is the best way for someone to contact you?
Ernie: I can be contacted through phone number 610-405-4818. This phone number reaches me before, during and after normal business hours. I can also be reached through erussom[AT]thewestviewassociates[DOT]com


The Westview Associates
Providing staffing needs through “The Westview Advantage”


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