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New Yardstick for Your Professional Image

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Profiles Encouraged
By Chip Hartman
ETP Professional Member since 2008 and Co-Author of fast selling book Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs and CEO of ETP sponsor partner,

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LinkedIn is the online tool of choice for sizing you up against the competition. Does your LinkedIn Profile reflect the way you want others to perceive you?

You may be truly great at what you do … but if your LinkedIn Profile looks mediocre, then those who view it are likely to associate you with mediocrity. That’s why an unpolished LinkedIn Profile may actually be doing you more harm than good.

While most professionals have first-rate skills and talents in their respective fields, they may not have the level of creative writing experience to develop a truly impressive LinkedIn Profile.

A compelling profile communicates a strong personal identity, piques interest and conveys unique value. Experts agree that a high-impact LinkedIn Profile is both a critical tool and a necessary investment for 21st century business professionals.

The Most Important Things to Know About a LinkedIn Profile:

  1. The LinkedIn Profile is the first place that decision makers visit when scouting for talent or checking a reference. 
  2. The Summary section alone draws immediate interest if it’s powerfully worded and clearly captures your professional image.
  3. The LinkedIn Profile offers a variety of additional components that can accentuate your best qualities … including presentations, blog links, portfolio displays, reading lists, and polls … all of which can add visual interest to an otherwise dull and generic-looking page.

It’s time to begin thinking of your LinkedIn Profile as the packaging of your professional image and something that attracts people to you. And as any good retailer will tell you, it is packaging that grabs the attention of any consumer.

Is your LinkedIn Profile packaged for success? If you’re unsure or if you believe your profile just doesn’t measure up to expectations, please read the note below.

As ETP’s Editor-in-Chief and co-author of Rod’s book “Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs,” I’ve been engaged by several network professionals to bring their LinkedIn Profiles to life. With the addition of some talented staff members, I am now offering professional writing and branding services to the network.

If you are not currently leveraging the full power of your LinkedIn Profile, I encourage you to contact me at (973) 331-0948 or e-mail me at to schedule an analysis.

Best regards,
Chip Hartman, LLC
Integrated Writing & Visual Services

973.331.0948 (Tel)
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The New Yardstick for Your Professional Image
Profiles Encouraged

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