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By Scott Chase
ETP member since 2008, contributing writer and former Editor-in-Chief of Lamplighter Newsletter.

Well you must be wondering, especially if you are new to the job search, what is the “Black Hole”?  Quite simply, it is the database, desk, or other repository that your resume goes into when you submit it through any internet on-line web site. That being said, why would anyone want to do this?  I don’t think anyone knows better, heck, I did not know better until I was introduced to
Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP)I sent hundreds of resumes into the black hole with only limited success. I now know better. Here is my experience on how things have changed for me.

I will start out with an actual experience. I applied for that particular job; it was a good match for my skills, through the company’s website.  I included a targeted resume and a cover letter.  Weeks went by, and nothing, no phone call, no contact whatsoever from the company, so, I moved on. The posting disappeared from my searches, so I thought it was filled.  

Another couple of weeks after I last saw the posting, it reappeared again. Same posting, just with a new posting date. At this point, I now know the ETP 7 Step Job Search system (see my previous article on 7 steps). Instead of submitting it to the black hole, I went to work using the system. I still had my targeted resume, so I moved on to finding an advocate within the company. The search on Linkedin was disappointing. I did not have any contacts in HR or in the department where the position resides.  What to do?

I went to the website of the company, and started poking around there website. After spending some time looking around, I was able to not only find HR recruiter names and contact information, but, I also found names and contact information for the people in the department I was trying to get into. I then started to call and e-mail the HR people and some of the people in the department I wanted to work in. 

The next day, I received an email from the hiring manager for the position. He stated that I could send him my resume for his review. At the same time, the recruiter for the position also sent me a note that they have my resume on file and will contact me if I am a match for the position. These calls from LIVE people let me  know they received my original resume. This proves a point about the “Black Hole”.  My resume was looked at by the hiring manager. I also booked an interview and a follow up second interview. It goes to show you the power of NOT letting your resume go into the “Black Hole”.

Maybe this will lead to my next article, “The Landing!!”

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