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Heads or Tails?

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By Adelaida A. Rodriguez, PMP
Lamplighter Editor-in-Chief Professional member since 2008

Getting laid off was the farthest thing from Paul’s mind that day he received his walking papers from Human Resources. Paul had worked for his company as a successful systems engineer for 15 years. He was dazed, hurt, vulnerable, fearful, and angry. The hardest part for him was letting his family know about it. His wife was devastated; at the same time, she was very supportive of Paul. They told their two young children, who seemed to understand what was in store for them. Somehow they felt confident that their dad and mom would make things good again.

After the initial shock of his lay off, Paul came to realize that he had to collect himself and look at his options. He sat down and planned to list down the positive and negative actions that he can do during his unemployment. Adding spice to his task he decided to play a game of ―flipping the coin.

Paul’s List ―“Heads” for positive actions
and “Tails “for negative actions.

Positive Actions (Heads)
Negative Actions (Tails)
Accept reality. Assess the situation and put all in perspective. Look through my problems for answers.
Set priorities in order. Who do I want to be? Create a job search plan.
Don’t be alone. Share what I’m going through with the people I love and trust. Keep my family in the loop. Don’t play any blame game with them or anybody. Make time for family fun.
Maintain spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental balance in my life. Keep my faith. Exercise. Get plenty of sleep. Practice relaxation techniques.
Focus on the things I can control. Don’t waste energy on things that our out of my hands. Write a great cover letter and resume tailored to the company of my choice.
Build relationships with networking contacts.
Use social media to further my job search.
Feel sorry for myself. Blame others for my predicament.
Feel sorry for myself. Blame others for my predicament.
Lose personal contact with my family and friends.
Lose personal contact with my family and friends.
Lose personal contact with my family and friends.

Paul’s story is just one of the many similar stories in today’s work environment. Just like Paul, you have to choose your options and make calculated decisions for yourself. Getting laid-off is not anybody’s best case scenario, but there’ve been some great things that have come out of it. You can bond with your family and have more fun times with them. The main thing, though, is being able to finally assess yourself and your abilities.

As far as the economy goes, we cannot know what the future brings. But don’t despair; have faith in your ability to survive. Reinvent yourself.

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