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Find Out Tonight Why ETP Members Land Jobs More Often

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Tonight November 6 9:00PM EST
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ETP Open House Orientation and a Special Presentation on using Win The View with ETP member partner Ken Diamond.

Find out what the buzz is about with Empowering Today’s Professionals members landing jobs more often, while many others continue to struggle in their job search.

ThisTele/webinaris an
“Open House”

This Tele/webinar will answer the following questions…

  • What resources and tools, only available through ETP, will help me duplicate the success of hundreds who landed safely since 2004?
  • How does the 7 Step Job Search (c) expedite finding company insiders who willingly help me get my resume into the hands of decision makers?
  • What is ETP’s secret weapon that automatically notifies me within an hour of new job postings that match my skills?
  • How can ETP’s certified resume review team help me develop a powerful value proposition that eliminates the competition?
  • Why has ETP’s fresh approaches to the job search made the book Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs by Rod Colon fast selling book on Amazon?

. . . And many other questions will be answered in finding out how Empowering Today’s Professionals stands apart with proven results to help you land a job quicker.
For a limited time you can submit a complimentary (free) application for Basic Membership with Empowering Today’s Professionals. If time is critical, save time with Professional Membership as the recommended level PROVEN to get INTERVIEWS quicker.

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