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GSNG: 1,282 Job Openings

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From the Desk of Brian Allain, Founder and CEO of Empowering today’s Professionals’ alliance partner, The Good Samaritan Networking Group (GSNG)

It isn’t often that we choose to highlight how the GSNG has helped someone find a new job, but one instance that recently occurred is just too good to pass up.  One of our members – we’ll call him JC – was recently laid off when his company closed down its NJ office.  Literally 15 minutes after being notified of this, JC received a call from another GSNG member about a job opening, because he had previously seen JC’s resume on the GSNG website!  Sometimes things just have a wonderful way of working out J.

Job Openings
Click on the company names below for additional information on positions. 
Although it may be tempting to immediately apply online [the black hole], review the short ETP video 7 Step Job Search. The 7 steps has consistently proven to help job seekers land job offers quicker.   That is why you want to notify goodsamnetgroup[AT]gmail[DOT]com if you apply to any of the positions.  This alerts GSNG founder and CEO, Brian Allain, as part of steps #3 and #5 in the 7 Step Job Search. Brian has personal connections inside these companies. You also want to multi-thread job opportunities using your LinkedIn network to find additional company insiders.

20 job openings at iCIMS

8 job openings at SiriusDecisions

7 job openings at Freedom Voice

5 job openings at Gridstore

15 job openings at CompuCom (NJ/NY/MA):

6 job openings at AetherPal
22 job openings at Axeda

2 job openings at Atext

93 job openings at Tekmark Global Solutions

56 job openings at Alcatel-Lucent – US

54 job openings at Forrester Research (US)

Contact Sixnet

3 job openings at Ovum Research (US)

4 job openings at IDC (US)

109 job openings at Samsung Electronics America

Many part-time positions, all over the US, with Blue Buffalo

94 US positions at JDSU

4 job openings at Northern Power Systems

50 job openings at Brightpoint
Contact Critical Watch

Contact Springboard PR

11 job openings at Sequencia Technologies

15 job openings at Whiptail

39 job openings at Panasonic – Seacaucus, NJ

4 job openings at Crossbeam

17 job openings at Carousel Industries

66 job openings at BBN Technologies

2 job openings at The Edelman Group

34 job openings at Entropic Communications (US)

Contact InDesign

5 job openings at CACI in NJ

Contact Bigbelly Solar

6 job openings in the US at LiquidNet

7 job openings at Clearent

33 job openings at Pitney Bowes in CT

9 job openings at Qualcomm NJ

Contact York Telecom

10 job openings at Endeavor Telecom

10 job openings at Condusiv  Technologies

Contact Mobile2Metrics

3 positions at CWPS

Contact Vidtel

5 job openings at PlumChoice

4 job openings at Vbrick Systems

10 job openings at Juniper Networks (MA and NJ)

10 job openings in the US at Tekelec

38 job openings through Sprocket Staffing

2 job opening through Kulper & Company

1 job opening at Payfone

2 job openings at A123 Systems

9 jobs available in the US at Dialogic

27+ job openings through Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group

6 job openings at The Garfield Group

Contact New Dimensions in Technology

5 job openings from Vell

19 job openings from Common Agenda

Contact New Jersey Natural Resources

Contact Ascent Consulting

15 job openings at Ericsson NJ (formerly Telcordia)

80 job openings from JPatrick

3 job openings at Rave Mobile Safety

25 job openings in the US at Acme Packet

33 job openings at HubSpot (US)

7 job openings at Canfield Scientific

4 job openings in the US at uReach Technologies

59 job openings at Shoretel (US)

40 job openings at Vonage – New Jersey

12 job opening at Bullhorn – Boston

3 jobs at Click Security

39 job openings at Seabrook Village / Erickson Living – Tinton Falls, NJ

843 engineering jobs through Randstad Engineering

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