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Guidelines For Self Introduction

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by Michele Battista, ETP Faculty Leader, Excellence Award Winner, Executive Committee member and ETP Photographer – view Michele’s photos

Guidelines to properly introduce yourself at a networking event:

  1. Please keep your introduction less than two minutes so the event can stay on schedule. 
  2. Write down any questions, comments or advice.  Save them for the Question & Answer (Q & A) segment after the introductions or talk to the individual directly.
  3. When presenting your introduction please be sure to stand up and project your voice so that you can be properly heard and seen.

Your introduction should contain the following information: 

  • Your name. 
  • General location where you reside.
  • What is your Core Business and Core Competency (4 words or less for each).
  • The company where you were most recent employed or the name of your company?
  • State the most important way attendees can help you today (just one).
  • Targeted companies (no more than 3).
  • How can you best help the attendees (just one).
  • What is your expectation for attending the event? 
  • What non business accomplishment makes you most proud.

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