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Internet Trends Provide Insight to Job and Business Opportunity in 2013

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Let’s face it. At no other time has any invention, other than the Internet positioned so many people from all walks of life for greatness by creating mega opportunities.  Like it or not, our life style, environment, wellness, entertainment, family gatherings, jobs, education, travel, business and social interaction is impacted by the Internet.  Are you curious about what the next trends are for jobs or business opportunities? How will your quality of life improve in the future?

Mary Meeker, a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, recently published what is being referred to by VB / Mobile as an “eye popping” report on trends related to the world wide web, aka the Internet. The report also includes directions being taken in the mobile industry. According to Wikipedia, Ms. Meeker’s well known reputation is primarily associated with the Internet. 

After reviewing Ms. Meeker’s report post a comment below on what opportunities you see for yourself, your team, company or family members in 2013?
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