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By Jerrold (Jerry) Clifford
Professional Member since 2007 and Lamplighter contributing writer.

We all have busy lives. Taking care of everyday life events such as kids and/or parents, the house and household, vehicles, finances can all be distractions when seriously seeking a position. Daily activities can bombard us with little details. No matter how good our memories, with all we have to remember we are likely to forget details.

For example, an important objective of attending networking events is to build relationships. As part of this process we often discuss things we have in common and exchange business cards. We probably want to follow up with people we meet. But with all that happens in our busy lives and their attendant details and the many events we attend; will we remember where we met the people who gave us the cards or what we spoke about? Would we remember with whom we promised to have coffee, or would like to have a follow-up conversation? We would if we make a note on the cards we receive.

When running a job search, keeping track of pertinent events is essential. Do you remember the last time you spoke with that recruiter who listed an interesting position? Do you know exactly when an important letter or email was sent or when information was submitted via a job board? Not knowing could affect your next step or even the outcome of your search.

Notes pertaining to people you meet may be written on their business cards or if you are more technically oriented can be written on a tracking spreadsheet. If you prefer pen and paper they can even be written on a pad. Remem-ber! To be of good service to you, notes should be:

  • Written (Relying on your memory defeats the purpose).
  • Organized (Searching for lost scraps of paper is no fun).
  • Meaningful (Abbreviations that don’t make sense don’t jog memories).
  • Timely (Making a note to remind you to call someone on Monday won’t do much good if it is written on Tuesday).

Take note – it is a good idea to make notes!

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