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Thank you Tony, Jason, and Madeline for sharing Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP) with your network. 

I have known Rod Colon and his team for a few years, and met a few of them in my travels.  This is a terrific group of people. . . . I came to understand that ETP was not just a New Jersey thing.  I thought it was, but found new subscribers to JibberJobber who were in states away from New Jersey… I asked Rod what ETP’s geographic boundaries were and they said there were none… I immediately thought that some of you would love to get value from what ETP offers. – Jason Alba

Hi Mike, 

We did not get much time to chat so I could learn more about you, your career interests or your skill set. . . Having been in transition myself several years ago I know it can be a tough and sometimes disruptive time.

I would like to introduce you to an organization dedicated to helping people land and frame out their current situation in a different perspective. ETP, Empowering Today’s Professionals is unique in their job search methodology. Their tool set, Smart Radar is considered the Swiss Army Knife of Job Search. It does the work in sorting through the opportunities and delivers specifically what you are searching for, and the ETP informational suite is unsurpassed in the value it offers. Rod Colon’s radio show is packed with interviews, information and an opportunity to get your specific question answered. They offer many different types of support, take a look and see what might be right for you. I continue to stay involved as a business owner to share my perspective and give back. . .

Tony Cretella
Make it A GREAT Day!

Empowering Today’s Professionals is the approach to career definition and job hunting that I mentioned. It might be well suited for your son. I would be happy to talk to him about ETP

– Madeline

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