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I walk in honor of my husband Aaron, friends, relatives – Laura Cohen

Being a networking leader is goal #5 of Empowering Today’s Professionals five (5)  goals tasked to each member, as part of a proven life time Career Management Plan. Service to community or organizing events that benefit your local community is a very cool way of being a networking leader.  

Through our Volunteer Service program  Empowering Today’s Professionalsfive (5)  goals supports members that courageously get involved in their community.  If you have a community organization looking for support, click here to contact ETP Volunteer Services.

Below is a personal invitation from ETP member and faculty leader, Laura Cohen, to get your networking leadership on by supporting her fund raising efforts for Multiple Sclerosis.

Dear Friends and Family,

Help me and the MITZVAH SQUAD in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis! Click here to donate or find out how you can participate.

Please join our team and walk with us on April 14, 2013 at 9:00 at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, NJ.
The number of people living with multiple sclerosis increases every hour of every day. This astonishing rate is not going to slow down, let alone stop, until we’ve found a cure. Research has made some incredible advances recently, but the world can still only offer disease management drugs and therapies to the 400,000 people living with MS in America.

I walk in honor of my husband Aaron (who is celebrating a milestone birthday on April 8) and in honor of my friends Henry Oliver, Anita Riley, Marlene Wechselblatt, Shelly Schwartz, Ava LaMacchia and Jason Tolpin (plus others who prefer not to have their names mentioned) who stubbornly battle MS daily.

The Mitzvah Squad has begun our TWELFTH year as a team for Walk MS because the National Multiple Sclerosis Society funds more MS research than any other private organization. In addition to supporting studies which hope to reveal the cause and course of the disease, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society also provides much needed education, programs, and services to everyone who is affected by MS – including the diagnosed, their friends and families, and the healthcare professionals who work with them.

Please join our team and walk with us on April 14, 2013 at 9:00 at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, NJ.
Mitzvah Squad—Walk MS Team is the name of our team page on Facebook. If you are on FB, please click here to “like” our page to keep up with the latest team news and pics.

Make a donation online or send a check to sponsor me! If you prefer to mail a check, you may make it payable to NMSS and send it to me at 1237 Sedgewick Avenue, West-field, NJ 07090. There are so many ways to make a difference in the fight against MS, and it all begins right here. Be a part of a TOP NJ and nationally recognized Walk MS friends and family team for the past 9 years.

Again this year my brother-in-law Larry Cohen has offered to match dollar-for-dollar every pledge that I receive. For every dollar pledged by our team’s sponsors TWO DOLLARS will go to work to find a cure and improve treatment for MS.

Every dollar means that we are a step closer to a cure. Whether you are a past sponsor or you are hearing from me for the first time about my efforts for Walk MS and the National MS Society on behalf of my dear ones who battle MS, you have my deep thanks for supporting this cause that is so important to me.

Thank you,
Laura Cohen

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