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Virtual Cup of Coffee Member Spotlight: Dave Baker

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Started by Empowering Today’s Professionals founder Rod Colon, our “Virtual Cup of CoffeeINSPIRATION series, highlights success stories of ETP members.

Holding his ETP 7 Step Job Search coffee mug, Dave Baker confidently states “I followed the 7 Step Job Search approach closely in my last job transition and found a new position in less than 6 weeks.  My tip to share is to always be networking! One of the key steps is step 3 “Identify Potential Advocates”.  By keeping a large and vibrant network of current contacts it is much easier to focus in on folks who may be able to add value regarding the target company.

Dave Baker is a strategic Project / Program Office (PMO) Manager with extensive experience in project/program office leadership, change management, and process improvement, mainly in the financial services and healthcare sectors. Dave has a passion for managing project management offices that help organizations identify, prioritize, initiate, manage, and track critical projects. Mr. Baker is analytical and process oriented by nature with a strong track record in creating effective partnerships across organizational lines, and establishing thought leadership around shared organizational challenges. Dave has developed a well known reputation for being a calming influence during stressful times, and for being a trustworthy, supportive leader of people. 

Dave is open to PMO positions requiring business & IT experience. Dave has proven accomplishments and strong skills in business analysis, program coordination, project management & communications. 

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