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Through the ETP LifeLine support group (subscribe free), we are asking for assistance to help ETP members whose lives have been dramatically impacted by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines [known locally as Typhoon Yolanda].  It’s extremely hard to look for a job or manage their careers, when homes and families have been devastated.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Led by technical training school CAPIZned founder and director May Diaz de Leon, there are members of Empowering Today’s Professionals in desperate need of supplies

  • Building materials to provide roofs for protection against the rain and extreme heat of the sun.
  • Rice and non perishable food items would be very much appreciated.
  • Medicine for colds and fever are also needed.

Shipping Address
Att: Marianne (May) Diaz de Leon
Capiz NGO/PO Networks for Interprise Development (Capizned) , Inc.
#11 Primer De. Mayo St. Roxas

May describes the current situation . . .
CAPIZ, our province had been visited by the super typhoon YOLANDA or internationally known as, the supertyphoon Haiyan… the STRONGEST TYPHOON as of date…. She destroyed 95% of everything that we have…….. the agricultural products, the houses, the businesses  and most especially the people…the CAPIZNON…….we don’t know what to do,,,,, after weeks of her visit,,,,, scarcity of food, drinking water, people still in the evacuation centers have increased threefold……there are those who tried to rebuild their houses with whatever materials they can find …….PRICES zoomed high due to the scarcity of food supply….if the situation here in our province will still go on for another month……SICKNESS will eventually HIT each and everyone in the FAMILIES  of TYPHOON VICTIMS…….and ….unrest will dominate our province.

As of today…. All we do is conduct exercises to our beneficiaries…. Specially the FORMER OUT OF SCHOOL YOUTH …. So they can at least have a reason to smile or laugh even for a number of hours a week…. So that they can think of ways… To help their typhoon victim families……what little help we have to offer has given so much emotional joy to our out of school youth. This strength is drawn from the fact that our organization has never ceased to believe and encourage them to be better citizens of our land.

But it is clear that emotional help is not enough. We cannot  DO MORE….. TO HELP MY TYPHOON VICTIM COUNTRYMEN…without you….. if you can help us….. even for their SHELTER…. And… a start up Funds to finance whatever LIVELIHOOD they had before……these EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL Stresses can be MINIMIZED if NOT eradicate…………..Your aid will surely help our people have another shot in life—to have a fresh start.

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