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By Aida A. Rodriguez, (PMP)
Lamplighter Editor-in-Chief

Are there moments when you feel like covering your head with a blanket so you can shut everything out? Those are moments when your family, career, day to day life, or dealing with the economic downturn, can take a big toll on your self esteem. You are in a dilemma on how to deal with your problems or what you can do next.

Don’t despair!

Keep your faith in your ability to survive. Make a conscious effort to improve your state of mind and build or maintain your good self-esteem and feel good doing it.  Good self esteem is the manner you value yourself. It is how you perceive yourself and take pride in your accomplishments. It gives you courage to try new things (reinvent yourself) and the strength to believe in your self worth. It gives you self respect even when you make mistakes. This is very important because if you respect yourself, others will respect you.

Good self esteem is not boasting about your greatness (nobody is perfect), it is being aware of your strength and weaknesses and knowing that you are worthy of the love and acceptance by your loved ones and the people around you. Good Self esteem gives you the courage to hold yourself with pride for your achievements or failures. A friendly warning on self pride, though “Self pride is good but don’t overdose on it.”

Adopt, maintain or strengthen your good self esteem by focusing on the good things you do and your great qualities, and most importantly learn to accept and love yourself. Remember

You are valuable and you are capable of “climbing every mountain and fording every stream.”

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