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Excerpt from the fast selling book Win The Race For 21st Century Jobs by Rod Colon, ETP Founder.  Really good learning question and answer below between Rod and Dave.

While I’m on the “relevance” bandwagon, let me highlight another common resume error.  Some people are fascinated with appearance, layout, and things that look good on paper.  They’re convinced that if their resume looks spectacular, the document’s aura alone will simply disarm unsuspecting decision-makers, causing them to go into an absolute swoon over you.

PSSST!  Listen carefully …
The only thing decision-makers are interested in is seeing how you can add value to their companyThat’s it.  Value.  Not pretty documents.  And the only way they can determine value is in your choice of words and whether or not you’ve made a bulletproof case that positions you as the one truly qualified candidate for the job.

The Only Way to Evaluate a Targeted Resume
When seeking guidance in evaluating the quality of a targeted resume, remember that it can only be judged with reference to the position for which it was written.  

Dave: “Rod, I just re-worked my resume and I’m getting ready to submit it to one of my targeted positions.  I’d like to have you take a look at it and give me some feedback.”

Rod: “Hey, Dave … that’s terrific.  It looks like a very professional piece of work.”

Dave: “Thanks Rod, but what I really need you to do is to evaluate how well I’ve built my case.  I need you to focus on the writing, not the layout.”

Rod: “Gee, Dave … I’d love to help, but aren’t we missing something here?  How can I evaluate anything?  I can only judge your words based on the specific job description to which you’re responding.  How can I judge whether this resume is good or bad if I don’t even know what the goal is?”
“Show me the job description you’re responding to, THEN I’ll give you the feedback!!”

When you are in a full throttle job search, it’s vital that you provide the client (decision-maker) with exactly what he or she is looking for, not just what you wish it could be.

Another key reason for crafting an expertly targeted resume is that today, people choose new talent via consensus hiring; in other words, a team makes the decision. And in case you didn’t know it, that team is looking to cut you from the herd. The targeted resume gives them a powerful reason not to do that.

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