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By Maureen Kinsey
ETP member since 2009
Reprinted from Lamplighter June 2009 Volume 1 Issue 3

In recent months, I have joined and volunteered at several “in transition” networking groups. The first time I heard Rod Colon, founder of the ETP network, present his “7 Steps Job Search®” to successfully network to land a new position and develop businesses and multiple income streams, I knew that ETP’s philosophy, methodology, and approach, were unique. Rod began by stating that he believes that passion and income intersect. Now, how often do you hear someone speaking about passion in a business setting? I knew then that I had attracted proactive, like-minded individuals who form networks and groups that share information and assist others. He created a specific stepped system that utilizes and optimizes professional networking Internet sites. ETP teaches people to connect with others in meaningful and productive ways in today’s digital market.

I am glad to share my ideas and research on integrating business and spirituality. I realize that when you think of business, spirituality does not readily or immediately come to mind. When I use the term spirituality, please know that I am not referring to any organized religion or religious practice. Rather, spirituality used in this context refers to Universal principles that are soul-aligned and heart-centered. Here, passion equals soul.

I believe that we would live different lives if we espoused and implemented soul centered practices as individuals or we simply took a moment to reflect and remember our soul passion every day. There are many authors and leaders who espouse the practice of asking ourselves simple questions.  One noted author Robert Fulghum discusses these ideas in his 1988 book, All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things. In essence, I, like Robert Fulghum, suggest that we return to basics to listen to locate or reignite our life passion and purpose.

Twenty years later, in 2008, media industry leader, William F. Baker, teamed with Professor Michael O’Malley to write, Leading With Kindness: How Good People Consistently Get Superior Results. I suggest that every business owner read this valuable resource book, consider its message, and implement its findings. Baker and O’Malley conducted interviews with leaders across industries and shared their conclusions. They focused on thriving organizations and observed several commonalities among them.  They found that successful managers were not the stereotypical boss that ruled using fear and intimidation.

The authors found that successful managers at all levels treat others according to how they themselves would prefer to be treated. The term “kindness” in Leading With Kindness refers to effectiveness. Baker and O’Malley concluded that effective managers listen, integrate information, and build effective teams. In these cited organizations, managers engage members and encourage collaboration. Paraphrased, strong leaders know that communicating their passion is a most powerful and effective resource, motivator, and engager.

For individuals in transition, we process our emotions, likely grieve, and ideally accept the  ife changes a transition brings. We, as business owners, realize that a career transition affords time to return to basics, regroup, and reassess our options. We have ample opportunity to reflect and review life and business choices. We ask ourselves in an honest self-evaluation, Why do we do what we do for a living? Do we remember what interests and inspires us, then and now? Have our interests changed, developed, or disappeared over time? Where does our passion lie? How do we translate our soul into business?

Every outsourcing and career placement firm addresses these questions with clients in transition. I suggest that we revisit the ETP belief that passion intersects income and view it with a new lens or slightly shifted paradigm so that passion or soul coupled with purpose attracts energy as income. In other words, do what we love and money as energy follows.

Have you wondered how this works and what this means? I surely have; so I have researched many diverse texts on these subjects. Simply stated, one explanation offers that we are all fundamentally connected and our energy connects us. For the purposes of this article, passion equals energy or soul. We have passion as energy and energy by nature is magnetic. Thus, you and I as magnets attract and repel energy by nature.
As magnets, we actively choose the energy we attract. In practice, we choose thoughts and beliefs that engender and foster passion to attract like energy. As you and I attract like energy, imagine the greater impact and result of both individual and collective magnetic energy aligned with our passion and our purpose in life.

Using this new magnetic passion energy lens, we do not ask, Why are we in business? Rather, we ask, How are we in business? We address how we use our individual and collective magnetic energy. We remember to engage and involve people passionately as business owners, managers, employee team members, and customers and clients. We actively choose our energy in how we conduct business.

Our energy aligned with passion or soul would surely produce different, expanded life and business results that ideally intersect or align so closely that no separation among them need exist. We live and work in places that meet our needs, fuel our passion, and fulfill our purpose to produce and sell quality products and provide meaningful service to others.

About The Author

Maureen Kinsey, Ed M, MA has gladly served in healthcare and non-profit, insurance, media, technology, and pharmaceutical and medical device organizations. As a published editor, Maureen assists clients with professional reume review and preparation. Maureen serves as a spiritual advisor who offers energy clearing and intuitive healing sessions for individuals and groups. Soul, passion, and purpose inform business in Maureen’s life and work. Maureen gladly volunteers with ETP, NBCNG, MIS Networking, and several area professional organizations. For additional informaton, please contact Maureen Kinsey via e-mail at  mekinsey[AT]gmail[DOT]com or on

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