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Similar to a Yahoo discussion group, our private Information Exchange keeps all Empowering Today’s Professionals Members connected. Ask and Answer Questions. Share articles and ideas.  You may also share job openings with other members. To be considerate in minimizing email that flows into ETP members’ INBOX, Replies to emails submitted to the EXCHANGE will go back ONLY to the original sender.

Directions For Using ETP Exchange
To start a conversation send email to


  • You can Unsubscribe from the ETP Exchange, by scrolling to the bottom of any email received.  If you have a smart phone (i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc.), the unsubscribe link may be embedded as an attachment within an email.
  • Change your email address, password or preferences by visiting – before you can login click on Request Password in top left screen. You will receive a temporary password, which you can change. Once you login you can . . .
  • Adjust Subscriber Options: Change EXCHANGE settings to either receive individual emails or a digest of emails within your Inbox.  Any updates made will only be set for the EXCHANGE list.
  • Adjust Your Preferences: (top of screen) to change your name, email address and password. Any updates you make will affect all ETP group lists to which you are subscribed.  Subscribe Now to ETP EXCHANGE


Terms of Use with Empowering Today’s Professionals Communications

All ETP members are expected to:

  • Send emails using a professional business posture.
  • Keep emails relevant to the topics of “job search”, “career management” or being a business owner as the “CEO of ME, Inc.”
  • Keep the “Subject” line relevant to the topic included in the email main body message. If the BODY Topic changes, then change the SUBJECT line
  • Act in good faith, honestly, professionally and ethically.  In other words, only send emails you would be proud to have your mother read.
  • Have a giving attitude in sharing resources, knowledge and skills with other members.
  • Share job opening leads from personally known recruiters, hiring managers or associates with whom you are willing to put your credibility on the line in making a warm trusted connection.  Subscribe Now to ETP EXCHANGE


For a limited time you can submit a complimentary (free) application for Basic Membership with Empowering Today’s Professionals. If time is critical, save time with Professional Membership as the recommended level PROVEN to get INTERVIEWS quicker.

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