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Get Interviews Quicker With Indeed LinkedIn Synergy

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In the video below ETP founder Rod Colon explains how to use LinkedIn.

Following the ETP 7 Step Job Search, steps 2, 3 and 5 highlight the use of 2 unrelated tools.  Indeed.com is the Google search engine for the latest job opportunities posted anywhere on the Internet. LinkedIn is a social media platform that exactly emulates the process of people networking with each other. You connect with people.  People in your network introduce you to others in their network. Mutually beneficial discussions and meetings occur through Linkedin.

Although unrelated, identifying job openings on Indeed and then going to LinkedIn to find inside company advocates provides a powerful synergy between these 2 tools.  To learn the finer points of exactly how to use Indeed and LinkedIn to quickly get you to job interviews, Click here to register  for the ETP 7 day 7 Step Job Search course.

In the video Rod Colon presents the powerful features of LinkedIn

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