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ETP Volunteer Benefits Directory

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Scroll down for Directory of Volunteers, present and past. Click on each name of these extraordinary community movers and shakers to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Being a volunteer means being of humble service to others and giving back. At Greenlight Giving, we live this idea each and every day. –Keith Ferrazzi

Since 2004 Founder Rod Colon and quite a few volunteers have been the rocket fuel that propels Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP).  The ETP Volunteer Directory is below.

ETP helps members succeed in achieving our 5 Goal Life Time Career Strategy, as the CEO of ME, IncClick here to become a heroe and check out the most awesome volunteer benefits package on the planet.

You can achieve Goal #2 – Develop 200 trusted people in your network, including Rod Colon.  Click on volunteer names below to quickly connect with each person on LinkedIn.    

Make it a daily goal to spend 2 minutes connecting with 1 new person from the ETP volunteer directory.  Send each person a LinkedIn invitation.  This allows you say THANK YOU to volunteers that support our global ETP community, while expanding your sphere of influence.  Some ETP volunteers wear a few different hats, as part of their service.  They deserve a special, double THANK YOU.

If we missed anyone, please raise your hand by posting a comment below. We will add your name to the Empowering Today’s Professionals volunteer directory.    

All ETP volunteers can qualify for the President’s Award, which is the highest recognition any community volunteer can receive in the United States.

Board of Advisors
Book Production Team Volunteer & Member Services
Rod Colón, Founder
Carl E. Reid, Executive Director
Michele Battista, Faculty Leader & Quality Assurance
Amanda Sherman, Director Volunteer ServicesPhyllis M. Shelton, Public Relations & Global Events

Jacquie Adorno, Outreach Manager

Anthony (Tony) Colon, Business Consultant

Win The Race For 21st Century Jobs

Ruth Harenchar, Project Manager

Rod Colón, Co-Author

Chip Hartman, Co-Author

Carl E. Reid, Foreword

Crowd Source Investors include ETP Members & Community Supporters

All Executive Committee members

Tiana Reid, Administrative Assistant

Barbara Alexander, former Director of Volunteer Services

James Ledwith, Coordinator

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Lamplighter Newsletter Production Team Lamplighter NewsletterContributing Writers Administration, Finance, and Fund Raising
Adelaida (Aida) Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief & Writer

Eric Nilsson, Designer Layout & Writer

Barbara Daisak, Quality Assurance & Writer

Carl E. Reid, Online Publishing & Writer

Scott Chase, former Editor-in-Chief & Writer

Jerrold (Jerry) CliffordRod
Aaron Cohen
Laura Cohen
Amanda Sherman
Barbara Alexander
Chip Hartman
Wendy Woolfork
Thomas E. Kenny
James Yoakum
James Scott
Carl E. Reid

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Ruth Harenchar

Surekha Vaidya

Carl E. Reid

Rod Colon

Vicki Gaddy

Ashley Cisneros

Phyllis M. Shelton

Amanda Sherman

Rod Colón
Michele Battista
Peter Hansen
Thomas E. KennyAaron Cohen
Laura Cohen
Maureen Kinsey
Keith Gross
Sam Anson
Lou Piombino
Genesius Jaromsky
Satnam Singh Bansal
Phyllis M. Shelton
Carl E. Reid
Anne Gambina
Ronald RichardsNorman Reiss
Denise Hamilton
Michael Canfora

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(training provided)

Amanda Sherman

Rod Colón

Carl E. Reid

Phyllis M. Shelton

Tiana Reid


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