Marathon Fundraiser Helps Veterans Land Jobs

Please Sponsor Empowering Today’s Professionals Executive Director, Carl E. Reid, CSI running a Marathon November 6, 2016 to Raise Awareness for CORPORATIONS to HIRE from the BEST TALENT POOL: United States MILITARY VETERANS

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Part of Marathon fund raiser proceeds will benefit Empowering Today’s Professionals providing career management coaching to Military Veterans, Business Professionals and College Students.
A portion of the proceeds will also go to community non-profits
Mitzvah Squad | Ozzy’s Journey Home , which also supports Veterans
$1 Dollar a Mile 1 Cents a Yard Fund Raiser

Suggested donation is $29.85 |
A marathon is 26 miles 385 yards. $1 DOLLAR a Mile ($26), 1 Cents a Yard ($3.85) = $29.85

According to a recent Forbes article, many employers don’t realize that veterans are great job candidates. That’s where Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP)  becomes a great resource to military veterans. In addition to coaching business professionals and college students, ETP guides veterans through the process of transferring their military skills into a solid value proposition that gets corporate hiring managers to take notice.
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