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Empowering Today’s Professionals Job Search LinkedIn GROUP IS FOR YOU IF you . . .

Achieved little to no results in your current job search and need FRESH, PROVEN INFORMATION to land a job IMMEDIATELY.

Submitted your resume all over the Internet (i.e. the BLACK HOLE) and You’re DISSATISFIED with the results.

Paid someone for a professionally polished resume or did it yourself, but get VERY FEW INTERVIEWS.

Want to learn how to leverage network connections with company insiders willing to help you.

Have questions about using the 7 Step Job Search or just a general job search question.

Have questions from reading “WIN THE RACE FOR 21st CENTURY JOBS” by Rod Colon.

Need CEO of ME, Inc. career management advice.

Are nervous about an interview or salary negotiation and need advice.

Want information about an upcoming career management or job search ETP classroom training session or online webinars.

Need clarification on ETP member benefits.

Need help locating job search / career management tools or resources on the ETP web site.

Have questions on ETP Member 5 Goals
LIFETIME Career Strategy
1. Find a job that you look forward to going to on Monday morning
2. Develop a career backup plan for Goal #1 (JOB)
3. Develop a trusted network of 200+ individuals
4. Generate multiple sources of income (not in conflict with primary)
5. Be a networking leader

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