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Our fast selling book Win The Race For 21st Century Jobs by ETP founder, Rod Colon is included with a Professional or Student 1 year membership, for as little as 10 cents a day. If you already read our book, post a book review comment below.  Put Your Job Search Into High Gear

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Chapter 1 Welcome to the ETP Network

The ETP Network (Empowering Today’s Professionals) was established specifically to help individuals in transition find jobs. Find out the how’s, who’s, what’s and why’s of this amazing organization and its Founder and CEO, Mr. Rod Colón.

Chapter 2 The Machinery: Build, Track and Maintain Your Network

The modern day job search is built on the machinery of networking. If you’re new to networking, this chapter gives you the basics, beginning with the art of small talk all the way up to the development of a warm, trusted network.

Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business

Once you start the network machinery running, the next step is training yourself to think of your job search as a business with you as its CEO. All of the [...]

Goal #2: Network 200+

ETP Alliance Series: Good Samaritan Networking Group – Brian Allain

This series is dedicated to community organizations aligned with Empowering Today’s Professionals.  We interview outstanding leaders of organizations to recognize and applaud their efforts with helping people in need or providing value added community benefit services.

Established in 2007, The Good Samaritan Networking Group (GSNG), is a non-profit, no-fee organization that helps people find jobs.  The group frequently distributes information regarding Job Openings, Job Hunters, and Job Hunting Resources.  Many of the Job Openings and Job Hunters are located in New Jersey and Massachusetts, but the group is not limited to those areas.  Similarly, many of our members are in the high-tech / telecom industry but the group is not limited to that specific focus. 

Empowering Today’s Professionals Chief Operations Officer, Carl E. Reid had an opportunity to have lunch and interview Brian Allain, Founder and CEO of  The Good Samaritan Networking Group. Brian works full time as Chief Operating Officer at Capital Services.

Carl: Tell us Brian, what was your motivation for starting The Good Samaritan Networking Group?Brian: I have been very fortunate to have developed a great network, and I wanted to share its value with others.  I knew that job hunting had become much more difficult, and I knew that I could help people. Carl: What is the mission of The Good Samaritan Networking Group? Brian: To help [...]

Goal #1: secure a job

FAQ #101: I’m an ETP Member. Now What?

To ensure every new Empowering Today’s Professionals member gets started right, an orientation email is sent immediately upon member application approval. BASIC Member Quick Start Checklist Register for FREE 7 Step Job Search 7 Day course  Review 5 Goals for all ETP Members.  Create a LinkedIn account to focus on Goal #2: Develop trusted network of 200 people. Read articles related to Goal #2 Claim your free copy of “How to Really Use LinkedIn”.  Click here to LOGIN to yourETP member profile – FREE GIFT Link  Click here to download Career Management Swiss Army Knife web browser application.  Click here to activate 30 day Smart Radar trial subscription.  Click here to view calendar of upcoming training sessions. Click Show details of a particulartraining session. Then click Add to my calendar link, in top right screen.  Read Win the Race For 21st Century Jobs 3 times. (book included with Professional and Student ETP memberships). Read book once for familiarity, a 2nd time for full understanding of methodologies and a 3rd time for practical execution of 7 Step Job Search. PROFESSIONAL / STUDENT Member Quick Start Checklist In addition to all BASIC member checklist tasks above. . . Click here to LOGIN to the CEO CLUB > Member Directory for quick connections with other ETP members on  LinkedIn.  Just click on member LinkedIn profile link in the ETP Directory.  Click here to [...]
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