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Success Story

Read success stories below from members who safely landed a job following Empowering Today’s Professionals 7 Step Job Search education programs, attending an ETP video conference webinar, used ETP job search resource tools or read our book etc..

Please SHARE your success story in the Comments section below. We look forward to you volunteering your inspirational story for us to share with other ETP members.


Hello Mr. Colon,

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I am doing really well. Although some time has gone by since our last conversation, I have kept up with your emails. Particularly the ones about time management and persistence have been factors in my recent success. I was recently notified that I was hired for the Resident Assistant (RA) at my college!!This job, along with three other jobs I’ve landed this semester, all took place after attending your career session at Brooklyn Tabernacle in the summer focused on Networking and the Career Search Steps. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and dedication to helping people like me.

I truly appreciate it.



I was let go by Liberty Mutual at the beginning of the year, and applied everything I learned through ETP and landed a new role, in a difficult market, inside eight weeks.

I am still on all of your emails, and enjoy watching ETP flourish.




Hello Carl,

I just wanted to let you know that have been working since November 21, 2011.  I got it through help changing my resume to a targeted resume.   I will be working with Syven Global Services, which is a consulting firm for Lazard.   I will be working as a Lotus Notes Developer.



Email from Empowering Today’s Professionals member sent to ETP Founder, Rod Colon and Executive Director, Carl E. Reid.

  • Gentlemen,

    I wanted to email you to give you the update that I have recently been offered a position as a Director of Admissions.  I was able to go through the first interview and second interview with apparently flying colors because I was offered the position the next morning.

    I want to thank you two for taking the time and effort in assisting me with finding a new job..  Your expertise and  guidance is much appreciated.  However,  I also want you to know that I will not be satisfied and will continue being a member of the ETP Network and continue following what I have read in the book and what you two gentlemen have advised me.

    I feel that with both of your guidance, I have built a strong foundation of Rob Inc. and I want to continue with what you gentlemen have provided me with.  Again, thank you for all you help and we will continue to keep the networking alive and if I can be of any assistance please let me know.  Talk to you both soon.

    Best Regards,




    Finally….I’ve landed! And not just in a temporary contract position either . . . I want to thank everyone, EVERYONE, for their support and encouragement. Kudos to Rod and Carl. And to the guys at the Breakfast Club. And to the Manhattan Networking Group, and….i could go on and on.

    I’ve learned so much.



    I will be working as Project Manager for a nonprofit located in midtown NYC.

    I want to express my appreciation to Rod and the entire ETP community for their support through my second search in two years, and for providing so many great ideas through Rod’s book, trainings and other resources.

    These are the techniques that were especially valuable:

    • applying to at least one opportunity each day
    • customizing resumes as well as cover letters
    • leveraging contacts to recommend me to potential hiring managers
    • The tips I’ve gained through my membership with ETP have been especially valuable

      I just wanted to share with you my landing a position at Columbia University in the Information Technology department.  The position is initially a temporary position and will transition into a permanent position.

      As I prepare for Thanksgiving I want to thank you and the ETP community for the support in learning and actively using all the tools that I learned.  It was my networking which lead to my being contacted about the position but I then implemented my value proposition as discussed at the meetings and your book, WIN THE RACE for 21st CENTURY JOBS with Chip Hartman.



      Dear fellow members:

      I was encouraged to write a few lines of inspiration for those of us who are still in the battle to find a job in this difficult job market.  I have been blessed to find a job after many months of searching.  Although it is a temporary position, I have decided to look and focus on the positive of it all.  I must confess that at times even my faith in the ETP method of job search was weakening, however, much prayer and persistence kept me at it and refuse to believe that I would not be able to find an opportunity.  As Rod, Carl and many others in ETP say, is all about relationships. So lets keep up the good work and let us keep networking for it is valuable for more than just finding a job.


      Information Technology and Services Professional



    Hello Everybody,

    Yes, it’s true!!  I’ve been working since June 6 as a consultant.  I can’t say any one person, any one advocate, or any one piece of advice or training helped me land, but just creating the mind set of ME, Inc. is enough to persevere.

    The only pearl of wisdom I can offer is, know what your strengths are and what you want to do with them, and never give up.  I’d be happy to talk with anyone who needs a gentle push (or maybe not so gentle).  Follow the seven steps, and stay positive!!!



    “Rod assisted me through the Empowering Today’s Professionals while I was in between positions.  Through ongoing encouragement and support through webinars, in person meetings and telephone support through the ETP ‘solution center,’ I eventually landed a new position.

    Rod’s group is well worth joining, and I hope to be able to return the favor by helping others in his network to find fulfilling work and to understand the ongoing importance of having an active professional network.” – Norman

    Aaron, Rod, Laura,

    I want to thank all of your for introducing me to the ETP Network and the positive and motivating framework of Me, Inc.

    That perspective is empowering and enabled me to go forward with a proactive and positive mindset. Writing my elevator pitch helped me focus on my marketable strengths and what set me apart from other candidates. Yes, it took me nine months but I landed a position that is an excellent fit — Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at …..

    So if any of you has a connection in public or community affairs at a  corporation or with an executive director of a foundation who may be interested in supporting medical research into the causes of autism, and providing services to families, please let me know. I am committed to keeping networking alive!

    I will be forever grateful to the ETP Network and to the three of you!

    Warm regards,



    Hello Rod,

    I’ve landed again.

    Networking works!  Keep up your good work. Please don’t stop “evangelizing” the seven steps.



    I would like announce that I landed a full-time position with … in Paramus, NJ. I started the day after Labor Day.   My title is Desktop Support Analyst II. My new job has been working out very well.  I got the job through networking.

    I attended an ETP meeting in North Bergen over the summer. I am very grateful to all those I have come into contact with since I started networking with people earlier this year. I appreciate everyone’s support. 



    Thanks Rod for all your help,

    This takes a lot of work, patience and positivism. Definitely the ETP Network has contributed to empower my job search, thanks to Rafael for introducing me to the group and the program….This is not the end, I will keep networking and getting connected to others,,,just keep going.

    This economy has definitely showed us a huge challenge… Please let me know if I could help and contribute to anything.
    Best wishes to all and keep up with the good work.



  • AJAZ

    I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position with ….  As a CEO of ME now I see …. as a good client.  Thanks for all your help keeping me motivated during my transition, and looking forward to continue to participate in ETP.



    I have started a new release/project management job at … in Union. Your course and book was critical to my success and I want to thank you. I have used the CEO of ME many times now and find it opens doors and sets a great framework for success. Many thanks again.


  • JIM

  • Thank you Carl.  I would like to start by thanking all of the people I have come into contact with at ETP Network. Sharing ideas and listening to what people have to say has contributed to helping me land. ETPs 7 steps taught me to build confidence and adapt to the mindset of being the CEO of ME, Inc and to apply networking in my day-to-day interactions with people.

    Taking responsibility for all my decisions made me realize how important it is to properly market what I have to offer to hiring managers. Using LinkedIn has helped me broaden my network of contacts to gain valuable information about people, companies and new job opportunities. I will continue to apply ETP Network’s core principles in the job market. I am looking forward to starting my new job Monday at ….. to support their IT operations and help the end-user community.

    Best regards,
    – Jim



    Hi Rod,

    I landed a position at NJ based….., where I continue my work as a Senior Project Manager in the eMarketing industry.

    Thank you for your personal guidance and inspiration these past 2-months.  The tools and methods you provided, especially the “7 Steps Job Search”,  and “5 Goals of the CEO of ME, Inc.” helped to keep me energized.

    I look forward to continuing my role as a Leader and being an active ETP Network Angel –

    Thank you again.



  • IVY

    Finally I have landed!!  Will be working for ….. supporting Human Resource and Operations.

    Thank you for all your help.




    As it turns out I have good news to share.

    Last week I joined ….., a management consulting firm that develops engaged work forces.

    Thank you for all your support along the way!  As you know it makes a world of a difference!



    Hi, I’ve just accepted a position of accountant at ….., and I am ready to continue my ETP next steps!


     Long first day today at the new job… but it was good…”The ETP Network and its CEO Rod Colon, and COO Carl E. Reid are right on the money when it comes to how an organization and its people can help individuals manage their career.The whole CEO or Me Inc. mindset teachings, sets them apart from anything else out there. The 7 step job search methodology is second to none and I have used it not only to land.. twice.. but also for business development. The 5 core goals are the pinnacle of achieving your best, in your career as in your life. I would highly recommend everyone to the ETP Network.”Scott


    I was working a contract job when I was contacted by ……  I went on the interview in December and got the job!  Full-time employment starting Jan 4th, 2010.  My dream job with great benefits.  I want to thank you for your advice and inspiration.Happy New Year!Best regards,


    Rod, Carl, Tom, Scott, Ruth, Sam, Lou, Satnam, Dom, Katie, and everyone else in the ETP Family that I have forgotten (I so excited I know I am leaving people out – I apologize).I am happy to announce that at 3:30 pm this afternoon I accepted a position as the Training Coordinator for …… lI want to thank everyone within the ETP Leadership and within the ETP family for praying for me, counseling me, crying with me and just being there for me in both my work-related and personal life.To all the ETP members: Work the 7 Steps, believe in yourself and that you have something to offer people, not just looking for a paycheck.Genesius


    Thank you for all of your training, support and encouragement thru a difficult time for me this year. I look forward to continue networking and paying it forward!Happy New Year!


    I found the job through the Internet – (career builders). I followed your recommendations to ensure that my resume addressed their requirements and included an executive summary. This position is in international banking – operations (my area of expertise).   Being part of the network helped me to be aware of market requirements.  In addition,  when I receive  e-mails of members who have landed it inspired me to not give up and keep trying.  While I searched for a job with steady income I did Real Estate.  I will continue to do Real Estate and hopefully this area will also improve.  Again, thank you and I will keep  my eyes and ears open for any opportunities so you can pass those on! 🙂



    Just wanted to let you know I was able to secure a position with Novartis.  Not only was I able to remain in the pharma industry but I was able to do a career change from an HR/Staffing professional into a Strategic Sourcing Project Manager.  I’m excited about this opportunity and would welcome assisting anyone interested in strategic sourcing, financial analyst and/or information systems expert opportunities within the Development Strategic Sourcing group in East Hanover, NJ.  Best wishes!



    I wanted to pass along the exciting news that developed last week and now I have landed. I will be starting a position next week with a smaller manufacturing company in Bensalem PA as a Shift Supervisor / Manager. In the position, I’ll be reporting to the President of the company and helping to bring some stability, training, improvement and growth to his manufacturing operation. For the present, the offer has been quite fair with tremendous support and upside potential and I’m anxious to get started on Monday 1/26.

    Needless to say I learned a lot while working with you and the ETP Network during this search effort and want to keep this relationship alive. I’m sure moving on to step 2 of the Core Values, will be equally exciting and rewarding and look forward to this opportunity.  Thank you for all your education and knowledge sharing so far and I’ll look forward to our continuing relationship.



    Thank you for responding to me.  I am happy to let you know that I started my consulting job at Soc Gen today.

    Manal Alimari



     I wanted to drop you a note with an update on my status. Over the holiday’s I was perused and offered a position at LTU Technologies. It was a generous offer with an exciting technology company, needless to say I accepted.My title is sales engineer but I will be handling much more. I’ll act as the tech expert for US sales and the offices client representative/conduit back to the engineering team in France. In fact Ill be in Paris for a week for training next week.


     Team –I have landed.  It is with such relief and excitement I express that.  I have accepted a position with Rocky Brands, a public footwear & outerwear supplier in Ohio.  I will be setting up a place to live there, although my family is going to be here in NJ for a while.  But we have a strong Board of Directors and that makes all the difference.I am so excited because I will have much opportunity to make a difference, to contribute and grow with the company and the position itself.  One thing that makes this exciting is the kind of company this is – yes, when we interview, we may be asked lots of questions (remember to keep the answers brief & succinct!) but the kinds of questions speak volumes about the people and company.Having passed on my exciting news, I would be remiss to you if I did not express not only gratitude to Rod, Carl, Tom, Chip and the whole executive team for coaching, mentoring and incredible reinforcement of the valued principle of networking.  Team, I learned of this opportunity through networking, through building relationships and contributing to help others with their concerns and WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).  And while busy involved in that process and applying selectively with targeted resumes (thanks, Rod) and T-Letter value propositions (thanks, Chip), a call came from an apparel industry associate with whom I served actively on their Information Systems Committee —  follow through, visit, listen, interview with focus & vitality.For my good friends in ETP who may be in transition, accept please this caring suggestion: follow the program; you have nothing to lose by doing so and, from experience, so much to gain!  And as we land, and we do, let’s keep these valued associations and relationships, give back to one another in this network and others.  Networking is about building relationships.  I truly believe that when all is over in this phase of life and we move forward & indeed we do (this truly is not all there is!), the only thing we can take are what we have learned & relationships we have nurtured. Indeed, they are the things worth having always.To all, a joyous holiday season and success and wonderful anticipation for the year ahead.Be Involved, Contribute, Network as though your success depends on it — It Does!
    Technology & Management Consultant


    I wanted to let you know that I’ve landed.  I’m working as an IT Project Manager at SAS in Cary , NC.  Thank you to you and my fellow etp Network colleagues for keeping me going, and going, and going!  The value of having a “living, breathing” network is so important.  Thanks again!Keep networking alive…Regards,


    I Landed at KForce.  Honestly, I am fairly new to ETP Network. I have gained insight and knowledge and have also increased my motivation by reading success stories, tips and suggestions.


    Tom – I would like to congratulate you on your new opportunity.   You embody great attributes as an ETP Leader and have been inspirational to me. Having just read the emails this morning, it put a smile on my face that the ETP method works even in these uncertain times. I knew it would work  but it¢s still wonderful to see.  On that note, I would like to suggest to everyone that they be on the ETP Wednesday night phone calls.  No excuses!  I have done this and landed two part time jobs using the ETP method in the last three months.  They are both good opportunities and it has been a blessing. It was well worth the cost and can be used not only towards getting a job but in reaching all your business goals.


    Just a bit of an update, I accepted a long term consulting assignment back at AEGIS where I worked in ’05-’07.  I’ll be doing what I enjoy; PMO, SharePoint, MS-Project Server, I’ll keep you posted.  I had a number of other opportunities as well; the market is not quite as bad as it’s made out to be.  Lots of openings are out there, I found, although some companies could be a bit gun-shy.Warm regards,


    Just a few weeks ago I was given notice that my job would be eliminated within two months.  Of course that forced me to initiate a job search in high gear.  Well I’m happy to announce that I’ve landed a new position that will start the next business day after my current position ends.  I’ll be leaving Avaya and will be a contract developer at AT&T in Middletown working on data networking management systems.  I want to thank all of my friends that have helped me during my job search which is a real networking success story! Although I must admit wasting a little bit of time on the black hole. I’ve proved to myself yet again that having an established warm and trusted professional network is extremely valuable when you are in a job search.  I had 3 offers to choose from, all of which I procured via my professional network.  There are to many people to name that have helped me in the past few weeks and I sincerely thank you for all for the assistance, support, information and leads you have supplied.  All I can say is networking works! “Keep networking alive!”

    Thanks again,


    Hi everyone – I just wanted to let everyone know that I landed.  I am Managing Partner of Operations for New York’s office.  If I can help anyone in the interactive advertising industry, please feel free to contact me.  As Rod would say, take a look at my LinkedIn connections and let me know if I can connect you with anyone.  My advice for anyone new out here is that networking is crucial to a job search.  You need to follow every lead and don’t be afraid to ask for help (just don’t look desperate doing so).  I actually got my current position by being proactive and setting a meeting with the CEO of the company I used to work for a couple of years ago (they laid me off so it was a difficult decision going to see him). My goal was not to land a position with that company but to see if he would introduce me other agencies.  That one conversation with the CEO quickly lead to an offer and now it is six months later and I’m enjoying every minute there (well, almost every minute!).  Let me know if I can be of help.


    Because of your help, support and advise (and a great deal of hard work), I have landed the correct job for the CEO of Me.  I start this week with Coca Cola in National Account Sales, here in Atlanta. Hooray!  If I can be of assistance to any of you, please do not hesitate to ask.  The Executive Letter works. Use it to get your foot in the door and once you are in, use it to WOW the interview panel. Keep the faith even in tough times.Best,


    I wanted to let you know that I just accepted a job at Time Warner Cable, Media Sales as Manager, Technical Services.  My start date is May 27.  Thanks again to you and the ETP community for all your help in the search process – I really appreciate it.Best Regards,


    Thank you all so much for your support and help, I’ve landed in an exciting non-profit organization.  We’re a very small organization, but we have a very international presence.  I’ll do my best to keep in touch, I know I’m going to be very, very busy.  Please feel free to contact me!



    I am happy to announce to my fellow ETPers that I have landed at New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Princeton.  I was happy to be visited by Rod Colon the other day…thanks Rod!  I look forward to continue to be of service to the group.All my best,


    I have landed (albeit in a currently contract role, though there is an opportunity for it to turn into a full time role).  It is in the same career, management consulting (I appreciated the previous discussion). I had been targeting a career change, trying to move over to the corporate side of the fence.  But working with a contract resourcing house, I was put in touch with ATKearney, and will be joining their team on a project in Saudi Arabia – improving the Supply Chain processes and technology to facilitate the growth plans of a large chemicals company.



    Good morning, – I just wanted to let you know I’ve landed.  I accepted a position at Magnetic Attractions, a division of Adams Magnetic Products Inc. as a National Account Manager.  My role will be to sell promotional magnetic solutions to Consumer Goods Companies and US Trade Channels as a means to help them drive incremental store / category / brand awareness, while at the same time, create incremental cost-efficiencies.  As part of my efforts, I’ll also be presenting our capabilities to marketing / advertising agencies, as they service multiple consumer goods clients.  In addition to my selling responsibilities, I have accountability for effectively partnering with the Inside Sales and Customer Service teams to ensure maximum customer execution.  I appreciate all the help, preparation and support the ETP Network has provided during my transition.  As we’ve discussed, I look forward to continuing my relationship with ETP Network.   As you say, once landed, the Networking has just begun.Thank you again for all your support.Best Regards,


    I landed a position last week with the Compuware Corporation; I’ll be working as a Sales Engineer for Vantage software. If not for the help I received through ETP, I would still be searching and/or have settled for something less. My transition experience proved the significant value of not only developing, but tapping into your personal network of people.The first few weeks of the job search I used traditional methodology, which got me nowhere. The results started to flow only when I began reaching out to people directly. Fortunately, these actions led me to an ETP Angel, who introduced me to this great organization and guided me into my new very grateful and excited to be a part of this group and look forward to reciprocating the deed.Many thanks —


    Team – After over 28 years with the same company, my job was moved offshore over the summer. Since then, I have learned a whole lot about the job searching process, about networking, and about myself. I have polished up my interviewing skills. I have developed greater empathy for those who find themselves out of work with bills to pay. I have deepened and renewed friendships, and have a greater appreciation for the value of keeping relationships well nurtured. I hate to say it, but I will probably begin to think of the last six months as a necessary and important lesson in my life experience. I have grown.  I am especially grateful for the help, support, and guidance I’ve received from Rod, and from the members of the ETP team. I can’t over-emphasize the importance of networking. I realize that my responsibility to my contacts does not end because I have landed. I will continue to be actively involved, supporting, and sharing opportunities that I become aware of with you.  I am very excited about my new position — nervous, anxious, but excited!  Thanks again to all, and, as Rod says,
    “Keep Networking Alive!”


    Team – Congratulations to Larry Schrier!  Larry recently landed a position and used the ETP philosophy to success! Larry is on his way to goals 2 to 4!  Larry, Attached is a powerful document to assist you in your first 90 days!


    I have accepted a Sr. Project Manager consulting assignment at AT&T in Middletown, NJ.   I will be working for Kelly Mitchell, a technology consulting company, headquartered out of St. Louis, MO .   I took some time off, since leaving my year-long consulting assignment at JPMorganChase in June, and am really excited about going to the new at&t (which I understand has changed quite a bit, since I left 3 years ago).  As an added bonus, the job is fairly close to my home – which adds icing to the cake.  I have benefited a great deal from the wealth of information that the ETP Network provides, and know that I will continue to benefit going forward.   If you know any experienced Project Managers that have an interest in working at AT&T, I recommend that they contact Kelly Mitchell, indicating that I recommended that they contact them.Thanks,


    I am happy to announce that I have accepted an offer located in Mt. Olive, NJ. I joined their newly started Web Competency Center on 7th Jan 2008 as Global Web Technology Manager for North America. I would like to thank you for the support, help and guidance that I got from you as well as ETPNetwork Group in my job search. The experiences were rewarding – both personally and professionally –  to me. I will continue to be in touch and will try and ‘pay it forward’ in whatever way I can. My contact details are shown below. I wish all ETP members the very best for new year 2008!Best regards,


    Thank you every one for your support.  I have landed a job of my choice.  I am following Rod’s advice on ‘After Landing the Job’.  This is not a good bye. I will continue to be an active member.

    Happy Holidays



    I wholeheartedly agree Rod, I have just landed a job, and if it were not for all this group’s support and advice I would still be waiting for a call. In October I started getting aggressive about working on my corporate mission statement of getting myself placed in the best position available for “ME” and at the same time ensuring I didn’t take the road too tentatively. I worked diligently networking and researching the companies and people I was interviewing with , and using all the tips you have all provided.  When the effort was pushed out in a positive “I am going to land a position” attitude, I was greeted with more and more interviews, opportunities and and choices. I was in a dry spell all summer because I really didn’t put in the proper effort, it was very much a part time hobby second to my doing laundry and cooking and cleaning around the house. The efforts paid off quite well and I am not only Happy were I landed, but I am still getting opportunities outside of this job. When it turns good, the universe does indeed attract positive feedback.

    Thanks to all,
    Keep Networking Alive,



    I would like to extend my appreciation to you, Carl, Rod; and, most importantly to Lou who was kind enough to refer me to ……  We, in transition, need the assistance of others.  The job search advice, professionalism, networking and encouragement this past year has helped me remain focused and determined.  Many thanks to you, your colleagues and those of us who do go the extra mile to assist others.  All the best; and, yes, I do plan to keep networking alive and to pay it forward.  I begin my new position as HR Director with ….. tomorrow.

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