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Volunteer Qualifications

  • Must be an ETP member at any level of membership (submit a complimentary (free) Basic member application)
  • No experience required for some volunteer positions
  • Able to volunteer 8-10 hours a month
  • Be open to augment or learn new skills
  • Have a sincere interest in contributing to the success of other members

Benefits of Being an ETP Volunteer

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  • Augment your resume. Empowering Today’s Professionals is listed as a company on LinkedIn. As mentioned in the article “Volunteer is a Real J-O-B” volunteering is an excellent community service time gap filler for a resume and LinkedIn profile. You can add your volunteer position  to your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Opportunity to leverage ETP’s social media platforms. This provides you with public recognition to spotlight your contributions. You could potentially have your name be seen by thousands of weekly ETP web site visitors. This is great marketing exposure for you.
  • Enhance or augment your skills with different role experiences
  • Fast track your success by helping others succeed. The power of giving is very important for individual self worth.
  • Expand your sphere of influence with other  members in ways only accessible to other ETP volunteers.

View Volunteer Responsibilities for Each Opening

  • Resume Review Coach
  • Mock Interview Coach
  • “T” Letter Specialist
  • Lamplighter Newsletter Writer
  • Faculty Training Center Leader
  • Member Services Liaison
  • Speaker Bureau Coordinator
  • Business Developer
  • Technology / Social Media Consultant
  • Web Site Developer
  • Smart Phone App Developer
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Communications Director
  • Conference / Event Exhibitor Coordinator


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